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A Few Words About The Self & Astrology

A philosopher once said, "Body is an instrument of the Self". Body is a material entity while the Self is the conscious entity experiencing the material world. Nobody has ever seen the Self but its presence is felt somewhere inside, somewhere behind our own eyes. You see others as material beings while you see yourself through an entirely different perspective. When you look inside you see the Self & not always your material body.

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Is Free Will a Myth? What is Role of Karma, Destiny & Astrology?

How to Change Destiny? Karmas are like a chain; each karma is connected to a previous karma & leads to the next. Longer the chain, harder would it be do move with it.  If we have a lot of bad Karmas then we are bound to be pulled to a bad destiny. Good karmas will lead you to a good destiny. In astrology, there are time periods. Good time period give good results & bad time periods will give bad results. On our end we can make sure that we not let the chains of good karmas break while going through good times as they will help us during our bad times.

People say that our Karma or action decides our destiny. Each and every day we do some karma and those karmas accumulate each day and at the end they become strong enough to define our destiny. But we need to first understand, what is karma & what is destiny, are they two sides of a coin or they are completely different from each other. So let’s understand what Karma & Destiny is and how both of them are related to Astrology.

Karma is an action performed intentionally by a person through his/her body. Intentions and actions of a person affect other people and their future. It is also said that Karma of one person later also affects the doer and at that time we call it the fruit of that person’s karma.

Destiny is our fate or our probable future. It is said that everybody is destined for something. When a person is born stars & planetary placements indicates the probable future & destiny of that person.
While everybody is destined for something then what is the need of Karma. Let’s understand it this way; each and every person is destined to become something. During that journey that person does endless number of deeds, those deeds affects other people & that person too. Those deeds if not capable of changing the destiny can at least mould it.

What is the Source of Karmas?
First, let’s understand where Karmas come from. Karmas are done by each and every being on this Earth. Each and every being is limited by his own mind, his form & his desire. A dog will desire for food & hence will do karma in that direction. A man will desire for money, respect & power. Due to their respective mind, form & desires they will like this world through a different sight.
Let’s talk about humans. Why a person is destined to be rich or poor? A person is rich or poor because of Karmas of their Ancestors. Now, a person who is poor & want’s to live a comfortable life will think “how to earn money?” Due to this thought he will take necessary actions and Karma will come into picture.
Let’s summarize this, Karmas of Ancestors destined the child to born in a poor family & because of that destiny the child will take certain actions. But we don’t think life this way, people just feel sad about why they are poor & others are rich. The answer is simple, “because their Ancestors were not good with making & managing their wealth and money.”

Conclusion: Karma decides your Destiny & Destiny decides your Karma.

What is the Role of Astrology?
Astrology is a divine science which relates movement of planets & stars with the life of beings on earth. We know that each and every particle in this universe is connected with the force of nature. There are a number of forces in nature which are gravitational, electrical, magnetic, and many more we don’t know about. These forces bind each and every particle with each other. The matter with which stars and planets is made up of is no different from the matter of our own bodies. Therefore, stars and planets are capable of affecting our health, body & mind.
When planets move in the skies their movement have some affect on the mind of every person. Due to that we all behave in certain ways. Motion of planets is predictable, so it won’t be wrong if I say that it’s also predictable how a person will act, what Karmas a person will do & hence destiny of a person is also predictable. If you are interested you can learn astrology at my site.

How to Change Destiny?
Karmas are like a chain; each karma is connected to a previous karma & leads to the next. Longer the chain, harder would it be do move with it.  If we have a lot of bad Karmas then we are bound to be pulled to a bad destiny. Good karmas will lead you to a good destiny. In astrology, there are time periods. Good time period give good results & bad time periods will give bad results. On our end we can make sure that we not let the chains of good karmas break while going through good times as they will help us during our bad times. Chains of good karmas means relationships with worthy people, your image & what things you have accumulate so far which will help you rise mentally, economically & spiritually. Also, avoid doing conflicts, keeping enmity or hurting people for no reason. This will mould your destiny into something better & with your continuous good work your destiny will surely change because future or destiny is probable & karmas have the final say.

Can we liberate from this Cycle of Karmas & Destiny?
In this materialistic world it is not possible to liberate with a body made up of the same material. We need to understand who we are & what our real self is. Body is only an instrument of the self/soul. Our soul is the real self. Our real self is fire, water, air, earth & this endless sky. When we will understand our real self then our suffering & illusions of being the doer or the sufferer will end. Liberation within the mind and soul will be achieved and eternal bliss will be experienced . To know in detail read Truth about the Self and Universe.


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