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What is Our True Self & How Astrology Works?

A philosopher once said, "Body is an instrument of the Self". Body is the material entity while the Self is the conscious entity experiencing the material world. Nobody has ever seen the Self but its presence is felt somewhere inside, somewhere behind our own eyes. You see others as material beings while you see yourself through an entirely different perspective. When you look inside you see the Self & not always your material body.

Quotes by ME
Righteousness is the Source of
Peace & Stability To The Wavering Mind

Spirituality - Worldly Desires are Endless

World & Worldly Desires are Endless Stay Calm and Experience Inner Peace
Looking upon this world gives rise to unlimited thoughts in our mind. We look to successful people, those who are loved by everyone praised by everyone. We try to find our existence in them, we try to be like them thinking that this will end the situations we are facing right now. This gives birth to desires,desire to become something and we nourish those desires everyday and they become more important than our very own existence.

Those who succeed in fulfilling their desire experience happiness for sometime and later realize nothing has changed but their point of view and now they have different problems to face. No matter if we triumph and loose, the mind is always in a conflict and troubled.

Peace of mind is what everyone looking for real. Peace is felt while we sleep, watching kids play, looking upon the stars and the moon. It is achieved the time we don’t think, at that very moment we are free from all …

Relationship of Happiness with Truth

Happiness is Felt the Moment You See the Real Truth.
Our mind is stuck with so many worldly things. We run from here to there in search of happiness. Some are attached to the object, some with their family and some run behind love. This complicated mind which plays with us each day and we work like puppets to its will. Everybody looks outside and hardly very few dare to look inside and find the answer that lies within. Answer to the question that who are we, what is our goal of life & why we are here?

People do philosophies; we are here because there is a purpose for our existence. We are meant to go to some other world, either physically or after death. Then, they get stuck in their own web of confusing and self-contradictory thoughts.

So, what is the truth of our existence? Truth is due to some phenomena stars and planets formed in this universe. Due to the presence of Earth at a suitable distance from The Sun and placements of other planets made Earth a stable planet where wat…

Karma is Present in Both Doing & Not Doing

Karma is Present in Both Doing & Not Doing
One not Doing any Karma cannot Escape from Its Cycle
People who suffer through bad times think what they have done; why are they suffering through the bad times when they didn’t do anything. Well, we suffer not just because of our own karma but also due to karma done by people associated with us. Suppose, we are associated with respected and influential people, then their company will increase our respect and value in the society.

Majority of people on this planet are influenced or get affected by deeds of powerful people; those who are top level officials, politicians and businessmen. If policy makers take wrong decision then it leads to chaos and conflicts among the common man. Sometimes, it may lead to a catastrophe while the common man who suffers don’t have much role in that chaos but still becomes a part of it and suffers.

No matter what one cannot escape from this world and worldly situations until when he is alive. Why? Because we…

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