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What is Our True Self & How Astrology Works?

A philosopher once said, "Body is an instrument of the Self". Body is the material entity while the Self is the conscious entity experiencing the material world. Nobody has ever seen the Self but its presence is felt somewhere inside, somewhere behind our own eyes. You see others as material beings while you see yourself through an entirely different perspective. When you look inside you see the Self & not always your material body.

Quotes by ME
Righteousness is the Source of
Peace & Stability To The Wavering Mind

What is LOVE?

We all know Love is the feeling of care, unity & affection towards a person. This article is not about what you have heard about love & feelings from everyone & everywhere.  Here I will tell you about how love happens and true psychology behind love which developed with the thousands of years of evolution on this planet.

People talk about love like it’s an outlandish thing, they talk about unity & eternity but still they don’t understand when & how love starts. Love is a feeling of comfort, security & trust we place in a person. We know life used to be difficult at the earlier ages. Man & animals used to hunt each other for food. A stronger man is more dependable for a woman because a woman can trust that man for security & safety of her & the child. You can relate with it because even these days people easily get attracted to strong individuals whether they have physical, money or mind power.
People should feel the comfort & draw happiness in t…

Bing v/s Google : Comparison for Website Owners

Google is an American multinational company founded in 1998 by Larry Page & Sergey Brin. It became popular with the concept of Page rank which determines a website relevancy. Bing is owned & operated by Microsoft & launched in mid of year 2009. We are going to tell you what are the uses & how you being a website owner can see what’s the difference between both the search engines & their webmaster tools.
1.Market Share Google’s market share is around 64% while that of Bing is 21%. Which means Market share of Google is 200% more than what Bing has right now (year 2017). For every 3 queries which Google gets, Bing gets only 1. If you are trying to show yourself to people then you would prefer one having more queries so that possibility of you appearing more in search results is 3 times higher. Right? But let’s not just end this discussion here there are more aspects to it.

2.Background Google started as a search engine & was truly made to show best possible results…

Why I prefer Blogger over Wordpress?

You must have read articles that why wordpress is better & all the benefits you will have with wordpress. Well this post is about telling how is better than or has very well crafted designs & anyone who does not know coding can use it to start blogging or setup a website. People tell you benefits of when you coding but I say if you know coding then the best option (especially for new bloggers) is

1.Simplicity is very simple to use. All you need is just a Gmail account which you can use to log into blogger. Simply select Create Blog option, select a theme & you are ready to start creating new posts. You don’t require any coding knowledge if you want to do that. will require coding & technical knowledge which is not preferable to non technical people. I suggest non technical people should go for Blogger (or if they have enough money to spend).

Understanding Love for Your Partner

People fall in love with each other, they expect some care, honesty & respect from their partner. I believe life would have been much easier if people would have expected only these things. But things just don’t end there, science & technology has made life way too complicated. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram became so important in our life. More than our partner we care about looking good in front of other & not just other people, people they hardly know on social media.
Love is being with your partner and feel happy. But before that we need to understand, What is Love? These days people get inspired by movies & tv serials and make some concepts about love. They get attracted to each other because the structure of our mind & body is like that but they call it a connection (May be from Past Life?).
Well, that’s just injected in your mind & that is not true. We get attracted to people with whom we can relate to. A girl usually get att…

Self Enquiry - Way To Get Free from Boundations

A Being is Bounded by Unlimited Thoughts While Assuming There is Freedom to Act
Everybody wants to be free, people want freedom to act, to live & freedom to love.

It's in our very nature that we think we are free when we can do what we want to. But is that the real freedom or just an illusion of mind? When we will get this freedom we will do things we think will give us happiness and pleasure. We attach ourselves with people we love, who care about us to get happiness through them and our world gets confined to them. In order to continue to get this feeling of love and happiness through them we willingly surrender our freedom to them.

So what is the goal freedom or happiness? or both?

But is it possible in this world to get both of these simultaneously? Yes, but to experience this feeling we need to understand our very own self. We see ourselves as a person with limit capabilities and a tiny creature in this huge world. While the reality is you are one & infinite, you are…

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