Relationship of Happiness with Truth

April 08, 2017

Happiness is Felt the Moment
You See the Real Truth.

Our mind is stuck with so many worldly things. We run from here to there in search of happiness. Some are attached to the object, some with their family and some run behind love. This complicated mind which plays with us each day and we work like puppets to its will. Everybody looks outside and hardly very few dare to look inside and find the answer that lies within. Answer to the question that who are we, what is our goal of life & why we are here?

People do philosophies; we are here because there is a purpose for our existence. We are meant to go to some other world, either physically or after death. Then, they get stuck in their own web of confusing and self-contradictory thoughts.

So, what is the truth of our existence? Truth is due to some phenomena stars and planets formed in this universe. Due to the presence of Earth at a suitable distance from The Sun and placements of other planets made Earth a stable planet where water exists in liquid form. Due to the presence of hydrocarbons, gasses and heat in the environment living organisms formed. And we are the outcome of millions of years of evolution.

So, who you are now actually? You are the fire (heat), water, earth, air & space. You are the five elements which made this entire universe. You are the endless space. But due to your finite form and body, you think that you are different from others. Take the example of an ocean.

An ocean is made up of the endless number of drops. Would it be right if you say that each drop has its own unique existence in the ocean? No, similarly we are one but due to our own individual ego & the structure of our mind is such that we take ourselves as separate from others.

Knowing this Truth gives Eternal Happiness. What is that truth? I am this endless universe but because due to this existence I face some situations which are good or bad for me; I will act according to my very own nature while knowing this fact that I am everywhere. I reside in this body, the body standing in front me and each and every living and non-living being ever existed or will exist.

Near or far is just with respect to the body not with respect to this entire universe. So, it does not matter what happens on the outside. On the inside, I see myself as endless and infinite & I enjoy this eternal bliss of being infinite.

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