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What is Our True Self & How Astrology Works?

A philosopher once said, "Body is an instrument of the Self". Body is the material entity while the Self is the conscious entity experiencing the material world. Nobody has ever seen the Self but its presence is felt somewhere inside, somewhere behind our own eyes. You see others as material beings while you see yourself through an entirely different perspective. When you look inside you see the Self & not always your material body.

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Righteousness is the Source of
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Restore Digestive Fire with Fenugreek Lemon & Honey

Suppresses the hunger & helps in weight loss. Cleanses intestines & kidneys and help in body detox. Helps in treating ankle & joint pains. Helps in growth of healthy hair & nails. Lowers cholesterol & risk of heart attacks. Cleans your nose, throat, sinus & digestive tract. Antipyretic in nature i.e. it reduces fever. Relieves bad breath & body odor. It helps in strengthening your digestive system. Your hunger will improve and you will feel stronger. Strong digestive fire gives stronger immunity. Your skin will become less prone to acne. It improves your eyesight and vision. Concentration & focus will get better.

Fenugreek seed is fiery in nature and it is rich in iron, potassium, calcium, selenium, copper, zinc, manganese & magnesium. It strengthens our digestive system and keeps the metabolism healthy.

Benefits of Fenugreek Seeds:

  1. Suppresses the hunger & helps in weight loss.
  2. Cleanses intestines & kidneys and help in body detox.
  3. Helps in treating ankle & joint pains.
  4. Helps in growth of healthy hair & nails.
  5. Lowers cholesterol & risk of heart attacks.
  6. Cleans your nose, throat, sinus & digestive tract.
  7. Antipyretic in nature i.e. it reduces fever.
  8. Relieves bad breath & body odor.

Due to the fact that it contains a number of minerals, it is very healthy to consume fenugreek seeds, especially in the morning. In earlier times, people used to eat fenugreek sweetmeat in winters to keep the body warm, strengthen the immunization system and protect themselves from joint pain. Nowadays, people drink fenugreek tea. They crush these seeds, boil & drink it. But crushing these seeds actually gives a bitter taste. I suggest, if you want to consume fenugreek only then simply boil the seeds till the water is reduced to half and eat those seeds before or after consuming the fenugreek tea.

Fenugreek seed alone will take time to show its effect on your health & digestive system. Ayurveda says lemon & honey are also fiery in nature, therefore, taking lemon & honey with fenugreek will strengthen its effect and you will observe a significant improvement in your health soon. Those who are in habit of drinking lemon & honey every morning do not need to change their habit and all they need to do it to add lemon & honey to the fenugreek tea.

Consuming fenugreek, lemon & honey is more beneficial.

  1. It helps in strengthening your digestive system.
  2. Your hunger will improve and you will feel stronger.
  3. Strong digestive fire gives stronger immunity.
  4. Your skin will become less prone to acne.
  5. It improves your eyesight and vision.
  6. Concentration & focus will get better.
  7. Anti Inflammatory.

In Ayurveda, there is a term called "Manda Agni", which means weak fire. People with a weak digestive system, poor metabolism, bulky body or slow mind generally have a low fire. To tame this they should consume this every morning after waking up in order to enhance the metabolism and make their body healthier. You may also consume spicier foods as spices are also fiery in nature but that will cause inflammation and may adversely affect your body, but, taming the Manda Agni through this method is actually very safe & healthy.

Method of Preparation

  1. In a utensil, take 2 cups of water.
  2. Put a teaspoon full of fenugreek seeds.
  3. Boil till the water is reduced to half.
  4. Strain and separate seeds from the fenugreek tea.
  5. Put a dash of lemon juice & honey in the tea.
Eat the seeds and drink the tea. Do this every morning and observe the change in your health within one or two weeks.

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