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What is Our True Self & How Astrology Works?

A philosopher once said, "Body is an instrument of the Self". Body is the material entity while the Self is the conscious entity experiencing the material world. Nobody has ever seen the Self but its presence is felt somewhere inside, somewhere behind our own eyes. You see others as material beings while you see yourself through an entirely different perspective. When you look inside you see the Self & not always your material body.

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Do Astrological Consultation via email:

The system used to predict future is known as Bhrigu Nadi Astrology, which is the most detailed & accurate system of prediction. This system is also know as Predictive Hindu Astrology. It is a thousands of years old astrological system of prediction by Maharishi Bhrigu, the first compiler of predictive astrology. This system is not known by many astrologers as most of them follows Vedic Astrology (Parashari System of Astrology).

We don't say that it might be possible, something may or may not happen. When it's confirmed that your birth chart is correct, we strongly say that either the event (regarding Marriage, Child Birth, Career & etc.) will happen or not & tell you the time when occurring of the event is possible. The reason is the level of certainty this system provides.

Kindly, read this entire page and follow all the guidelines. Send all the details and queries in one email. This will help us to assess your chart better and give you a quick & accurate response.

Choose Type of Consultation
T&C apply

If you want some discount on consultation then send us all the details mentioned below along with your questions and we will charge you a fair price depending upon your questions.

Answers will be send within 24 hours after receiving the payment & the payment you do here is non-refundable. We always ensure that people approaching us do get benefitted through the consultation.

These guidelines are issued so that we can serve every consultation request we get in no time. Read the guidelines, make the payment and send us all the necessary details.

Email Guidelines:

  1. Subject of the email should be the type of consultation you choose.
  2. Birth details (or Horary Number) should be present in your mail.
  3. Tell us about nature, educational & career background of the native if you are sending birth details.
  4. Question should be specific.
  5. All these details should be present in one single mail as this will help us to provide answers instantly.
  6. Kindly, read about the types of consultation carefully to decide which one is best for you.
  7. Feel free to reveal any sensitive detail as that will help us to rectify your chart up to minutes. Everything you share with us is 100% confidential.
  8. Our job is done when we send you the answers of questions asked. You are free to message back & clear your doubts regarding the answers.

Things which you should know:

  1. Questions should be specific and if we accept your consultation, we will send prediction regarding that question only.
  2. Use Horary Astrology if you do not wish to disclose any of your details. You have to pay for every question you ask.
  3. People tend to hide some events or details (like, love affairs or extra marital affairs) when they come for marriage consultation. Due to this birth chart rectification goes wrong. We never ask a married person if he/she is having affair outside marriage. It is your duty to disclose such details in order to get correct predictions.
  4. Usually, we send 2 to 3 predictions and personal advice if we find problems in the chart. But it depends on your behavior if we will help you.
  5. Do not tell us about how to do our job, do not ask for the astrological analysis. If you know astrology then predict yourself by following our articles.
  6. We are not interested in knowing what other astrologers told you. Do not come to us seeking justifications of what they said or asking remedies about the bad happenings they told you. Our job is to just tell you the truth & we charge for that only. If you are consulting with us, forget what other astrologers said. We may refer you to our articles in order to clear your doubts.
  7. In case, you send us your birth details along with your question & we find out that the question asked cannot be answered through the Birth Chart but through the Horary Chart then you do not need to pay extra for Horary Chart.

In order to maintain transparency, we are defining all the options. This will ensure that you will get what you pay for.
  1. Health & Education - General predictions about person's nature, health & education. Possible time periods when you would be able to overcome a health issue, win in competitive examinations, nature of a person and other such things. The question should be regarding some specific aspects(Max 3) of life only.
  2. Career Consultation - Tell us what you do and what you are trying to achieve in life. Based upon that we will predict about your career. If you want you can also ask for the time of promotion, change of job or growth in your business. Investment issues also come under career consultation. Questions should be specific and you can ask Maximum 3 questions.
  3. Predicting One Event of Life - It requires a lot of analysis to accurately predict each event of life. Therefore, only ask for when a particular event will happen in your life. This means prediction for child birth, property or vehicle purchase, abroad settlement & etc. We also send personal advice regarding the event.
  4. Detailed Consultation & Timing an Event of Life - Simply consider it the combination of first and third. Apart from that, you can also ask for career and investment advice. This is detailed consultation about one person in which you can ask for timing any one event and basic consultation about family, career & health issues.
  5. Marriage & Love Compatibility will include all of the following things:
    • Possibility for Marriage
    • Time of Marriage
    • Life after Marriage
    • Comforts from the Spouse
    • The possibility of finding a better Partner
    • Extra Marital Affair
    • Divorce.
  6. Horary Astrology is question based astrology through which you can know answer about things which may or may not be told through your birth charts. It can help you in knowing things like which company would provide you better opportunities & growth in future, if you will marry with a specific person, possibility of any mishappening during travel or anything which bothers you. Answers obtained via Horary Astrology are most accurate & precise. In order to find answer through Horary Astrology you need to choose a Horary Number, follow these steps:
    1. Choose a number from 1 to 249.
    2. The number should not be your favorite or lucky number.
    3. It should be a number that first comes to your mind.
    4. You can take help of a book or chits in order to select a number.
    5. Once you select the number, send that number along with your exact query & location.
    6. Your date & time of birth or any other details are not required in this case.
  7. Business/Corporate Consultation - To provide valuable answers and suggestions regarding business we have to know who owns the business and who is actually running it. We require the birth chart details of the owner/CEO of the business depending upon the case. It depends upon the queries what technique will be applied in order to finally reach to a confusion. Eg: Whether one should invest in Copper or Iron, OR, one should get into a Mobile or Computer Business. There could be any type & number of questions depending upon the type & size of the business. Depending upon your questions we use a number of Horary Charts along with the Birth chart to obtain the correct answers. 

We send personal advice, remedies, and other suggestions only if it is necessary and helpful. Remedies might be costly sometimes due to which we do not suggest it to everyone. No extra charges for remedies.

Charges after discount for Indian Clients
  • Health & Education: 700 INR
  • Career Consultation: 1000 INR
  • Marriage & Love Compatibility: 1100 INR
  • Predicting any One Event: 700 INR
  • Horary Astrology: 500 INR per Horary Number
  • Detailed Consultation & Timing an Event: 2100 INR
  • Business Consultation: 5100 INR
All the necessary details are mentioned above.


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What is Our True Self & How Astrology Works?

A philosopher once said, "Body is an instrument of the Self". Body is the material entity while the Self is the conscious entity experiencing the material world. Nobody has ever seen the Self but its presence is felt somewhere inside, somewhere behind our own eyes. You see others as material beings while you see yourself through an entirely different perspective. When you look inside you see the Self & not always your material body.

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Not just life but people have also become complicated these days. You have no idea when a small mistake could break your relationship. It is not uncommon that people go through multiple relationships & bad experiences. People easily get annoyed or frustrated by someone. The possible reason for this is "stress".

The source of this stress is not just your workload or complications that you create for yourself, people are a trouble for each other as well. Ever wondered why all those love stories feature "An Understanding Guy & A Caring Girl?" You will never see a love story where a guy used to beat a girl & the s…

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Love is being with your partner and feel happy. But before that we need to understand, What is Love? These days people get inspired by movies & tv serials and make some concepts about love. They get attracted to each other because the structure of our mind & body is like that but they call it a connection (May be from Past Life?).
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Fenugreek seed is fiery in nature and it is rich in iron, potassium, calcium, selenium, copper, zinc, manganese & magnesium. It strengthens our digestive system and keeps the metabolism healthy.

Benefits of Fenugreek Seeds:

Suppresses the hunger & helps in weight loss.Cleanses intestines & kidneys and help in body detox.Helps in treating ankle & joint pains.Helps in growth of healthy hair & nails.Lowers cholesterol & risk of heart attacks.Cleans your nose, throat, sinus & digestive tract.Antipyretic in nature i.e. it reduces fever.Relieves bad breath & body odor.
Due to the fact that it contains a number of minerals, it is very healthy to consume fenugreek seeds, especially in the morning. In earlier times, people used to eat fenugreek sweetmeat in winters to keep the body warm, strengthen the immunization system and protect themselves from joint pain. Nowadays, people drink fenugreek tea. They crush these seeds, boil & drink it. But crushing these …

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We all know Love is the feeling of care, unity & affection towards a person. This article is not about what you have heard about love & feelings from everyone & everywhere.  Here I will tell you about how love happens and true psychology behind love which developed with the thousands of years of evolution on this planet.

People talk about love like it’s an outlandish thing, they talk about unity & eternity but still they don’t understand when & how love starts. Love is a feeling of comfort, security & trust we place in a person. We know life used to be difficult at the earlier ages. Man & animals used to hunt each other for food. A stronger man is more dependable for a woman because a woman can trust that man for security & safety of her & the child. You can relate with it because even these days people easily get attracted to strong individuals whether they have physical, money or mind power.
People should feel the comfort & draw happiness in t…

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World is a difficult place to survive. Living organisms feed on plants & other organisms. Not just humans & animals but plants do require an immunization system to survive & exist. Immunization is made by cells & enzymes which fight when microorganisms enter in our body. Lacking these cells will result in bad immunization system & hence our body will become prone to all kinds of diseases.

We as human beings can protect ourselves from macro-organisms, animals & things which are harmful to our health. But our immunization system is continuously fighting with a number of microorganisms that are attacking our body & trying to feed on us. They are present in air through which they easily get into the food we eat & water we drink. We cannot stop them but what we can do is to protect ourselves by making the immunization system strong.

Due to modernization people simply ignore ancient sciences. These days, people consume the medicine & cure themselves. Whi…

Self Enquiry - Way To Get Free from Boundations

A Being is Bounded by Unlimited Thoughts While Assuming There is Freedom to Act
Everybody wants to be free, people want freedom to act, to live & freedom to love.

It's in our very nature that we think we are free when we can do what we want to. But is that the real freedom or just an illusion of mind? When we will get this freedom we will do things we think will give us happiness and pleasure. We attach ourselves with people we love, who care about us to get happiness through them and our world gets confined to them. In order to continue to get this feeling of love and happiness through them we willingly surrender our freedom to them.

So what is the goal freedom or happiness? or both?

But is it possible in this world to get both of these simultaneously? Yes, but to experience this feeling we need to understand our very own self. We see ourselves as a person with limit capabilities and a tiny creature in this huge world. While the reality is you are one & infinite, you are…